My Iced Tea Stall: The Making


It’s 2:30AM. Yes, I am still awake – trying to figure out how I would craft my wordpress blog.

Sorry for the "selfie-like" pose. Hehehe

Sorry for the “selfie-like” pose. Hehehe

It has been years since the last time I have had my regular blogging. Due to busy schedules and other priorities, I chose to put my writing passion under the grave of my endless projects and requirements.

But, hey, I am back. Finally.

In these past few weeks, I’ve realized that I need a space. No, not that space most teenagers ask from their parents or their lovers. I mean, a creative space – a space where I can just dump all my ideas into one vessel and throw them into the ocean of the cyberworld. And no, the 140-character tweets I post everyday aren’t enough for that. I need a bigger space.

And this is that space. This is that vessel.

So, if you are reading this (which, of course, you are), welcome to my Iced Tea stall – where I serve my bottomless servings of endless thoughts and experiences.

Bon Appétit! (or does that apply to drinks as well?)


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