All Sleep’s Day


While majority of Filipinos were very busy today to visit their relatives who passed away in the cemetery, I spent the WHOLE day in my room, sleeping soundly on my bed.

Evil and unproductive, you say? Well, yeah, you may say that.

But, I love to spend this day just lying around and rest my body. It has been raining so hard, thus, making it very difficult to go outside and visit the cemetery.


It’s only a few days before the start of the second semester – my final semester in college (hopefully). Now, I am expecting a very jam-packed and dreaded semester, and therefore, plenty of rest seems more like a requirement than a luxury, to prepare for the “hell sem.”

13 hours of sleep will not sound unproductive anymore, when such slumber is the “calm-before-the-storm” moment for an Engineering student like me.

The bottomline is this: I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL YET!


My Iced Tea Stall: The Making


It’s 2:30AM. Yes, I am still awake – trying to figure out how I would craft my wordpress blog.

Sorry for the "selfie-like" pose. Hehehe

Sorry for the “selfie-like” pose. Hehehe

It has been years since the last time I have had my regular blogging. Due to busy schedules and other priorities, I chose to put my writing passion under the grave of my endless projects and requirements.

But, hey, I am back. Finally.

In these past few weeks, I’ve realized that I need a space. No, not that space most teenagers ask from their parents or their lovers. I mean, a creative space – a space where I can just dump all my ideas into one vessel and throw them into the ocean of the cyberworld. And no, the 140-character tweets I post everyday aren’t enough for that. I need a bigger space.

And this is that space. This is that vessel.

So, if you are reading this (which, of course, you are), welcome to my Iced Tea stall – where I serve my bottomless servings of endless thoughts and experiences.

Bon App├ętit! (or does that apply to drinks as well?)