The Placebo Effect: Autism



If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

The recent advertisement of McDonald’s entitled “Kuya” that shows a conversation between a yuppie and his brother, who apparently has Down Syndrome. For those who have not seen the ad, or is living outside the Philippines, here’s its Youtube video (Sorry, but it does not have any English subtitles. But, if you just observe their actions, you would eventually get the point.):

Every time it airs on TV, it pinches my chest a little (in a positive way) how these two siblings can have a “happy day” together, despite the disability of one. And every time I see people with Autism, especially children, my heart is crushed – thinking why on Earth is life much unfair for these children. If only there is an easy possibility for them to be liberated from such condition.

They are just like us. They laugh. They cry. They dream. They love.

What if one of them might have been the next Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton? What if one of them might have been the agent to achieve World Peace? What if one of them might have been a great artist or musician? Yet, their condition somehow limits them. Somehow, their aspirations are far greater than what they can achieve.

So, if chances occurs that I would have the power to create a painless and inexpensive medicine for just one ailment, I would choose to cure Autism, because I believe that abolishing Autism from the world abolishes restrictions to what these children can dream of. I believe that if only a bit of miracle would help them live a life free from physical reservations, the possibilities of how they can change the world are limitless. I believe that a world without Autism is a better world.

If only such possibility is a reality…