The Voice US Season 5: My Picks


The Voice US Coaches

Since the Live Playoffs of the 5th season of The Voice US is getting nearer and nearer, I might as well give my opinions on some of the competing artists whom I consider as my favorites. I am not an expert of some sort, thus the content of my statements are purely based on my personal opinion on their performances and potentials as they perform live next episode.

This coming Monday 8PM EST, Tuesday 9PM EST, and Thursday 8PM EST(that’s on Tue 9AM, Wed 10AM, and Fri 9AM PHT), the Top 20 artists will battle it all out for their first Live Performances, where 2 artists from each team will be sent home, leaving our Top 12 to perform the following week.

To be honest, this season may not have the greatest talents in The Voice history, but I find it more interesting since most of my early favorites were lucky enough to head on the Lives. Unlike the previous seasons where most of my personal faves were eliminated during the Knockout rounds (Gah! I hate the Knockouts.), this season were gentle enough to let my picks be chosen to proceed.

Since I don’t want this post to sound very commentative or criticing, and since I don’t want to appear more like an evaluator than a fan, I would only suggest my bets for the Top 12, 3 from each team, who I feel would advanced on to the next level of competition. In addition, I would also be presenting a countdown of these artists, from my least to my most favorite.

So, let’s start the counting!

12. AUSTIN JENCKES (Team Blake)

Austin Jenckes

Being one of the great country singers in the group, Austin is such a powerhouse. His rendition of the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit “Simple Man” was really full of emotions. Though having too much dynamics, his “I’ll Be” performance in the Knockouts was pretty amazing.

11. JACQUIE LEE (Team Christina)

Jacquie Lee

Jacquie looks very young and full of life, and her voice definitely has a lot of potention into it, knowing that she is only 16. Having such a powerful performance in her Battles, as she sang “The House of the Rising Sun”, gave her a little advantage in the competition. Though she has a great vocal quality, she still needs to improve a lot on how she performs on stage, noting her awkward movements during her Knockout performance.

10. RAY BOUDREAUX (Team Blake)

Ray Boudreaux

Finally! A sensational soul artist in The Voice! Though I’m not much of a fan of Soul music, but I appreciate a lot about how Ray gives it all in his performance. In his Blinds where he sang “Use Me” by Bill Withers, I must say I was quite impressed.

9. JONNY GRAY (Team Cee Lo)

Jonny Gray

I have to admit, Jonny has that distinct way of singing that is very pleasing to the ears. His performance is very moving, yet the style he presents is very unique – something that you want to hear when you just chilling out. Though I was not quite impressed with the way he performs compared with the other artists in the show, I am looking forward for more invigorating and, if he is willing, reinventing performances in The Voice stage.

8. SHELBIE Z. (Team Blake)

Shelbie Z

When I first saw Shelbie Z perform, specifically in her blinds, I thought “Meh. Just another country singer who wants to give it a shot.” And, to be honest, that impression remained even during the Battle Round. But, damn, her Knockouts just threw me away from my seat! Her version of Carrie Underwood’s “Last Name” was definitely show-stopping. If I were to pick artists in the show who I believe has a great personality on stage, she would definitely be one of those on top.

7. JOSH LOGAN (Team Christina)

Josh Logan

This man definitely stole my heart during his Blind Auditions. I guess it is safe to say that his version of “Too Close” by Alex Clare is something I can say “Better than the original.” Not to mention his breathtaking performance of a Maroon 5 hit “Harder to Breathe.” I used not to like that some, but after Josh performed it in the Battle Rounds, the song just kept on playing in my head. The awesomely distinct quality of his voice can definitely turn any song into a rock and roll heaven.

6. PRESTON POHL (Team Adam)

Preston Pohl

With his voice that seems like coming from a different era, Preston Pohl can definitely make any song he performs as his own. He can also pull songs from any genre, as seen in his different performances in The Voice stage, including an electronic pop song for his Blinds (“Electric Feel” by MGMT), soul/R&B for his Battles (“I wish it would Rain” by The Temptations), and Reggae for his Knockouts (“No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley. This just proves that Preston is not just a unique singer, but a versatile artist, as well.

5. MATTHEW SCHULER (Team Christina)

Matthew Schuler

Being labeled as the “Mike Tyson” of The Voice, Matthew’s vocal talent can really give you a punch in the face. With his jaw-dropping performance and astonishing vocal range, he is definitely something to watch out for. The way Matthew sings is something that not most singers can do, and that makes him a very promising artist. Not mention that he has the fastest four-chair turn in the history of The Voice. Pretty interesting.

4. JAMES WOLPERT (Team Adam)

James Wolpert

James’ outstanding performance in the Blind Auditions, as he sang “Love Interruption” by Jack Black, still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it again. For me, he has the best Blind Audition performance for this season, which is backed-up by his equally stellar Battles with Will Champlin. I love how he gives alternative rock songs more glow as he performs it, especially as you look at him and don’t see quite a hint of alternative rock in his appearance. It just gives me the shivers whenever James got shouty and guttural. Though his Knockouts were not as good as his previous performances, I am definitely looking forward to see James take the stage once more in the Live Shows.


Caroline Pennell

The cutest and quirkiest artist in the group, Caroline is more than just a teenage little girl singing like those high school kids during a Christmas Presentation program. She absolutely has the most magical performances in this season of The Voice. Her Blind Audition performance already grabbed our attention to her, as she sang Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen”. Much more when she, together with Anthony Paul, sang a Justin Beiber (Beiber? Meh.) hit “As Long As You Love Me”, which I believe was the best Battle Round performance for this season. There is just so much quality in her voice that each time she opens her mouth to sing, you would just want to melt in awe. Truly, Caroline is such a magnificent young artist.

2. TESSANNE CHIN (Team Adam)

Tessanne Chin

If you’re looking for a greatest powerhouse singer in the competition, it would clearly be no other than Tessanne Chin. With a very strong and powerful vocal quality, Tessanne can definitely belt it out like there’s not tomorrow. She proved the audience that she can perform without hitting any wrong note from start to finish – a very flawless performer indeed. Aside from that, Tessanne is also very versatile, since she started singing reggae music, and later on transcends to rock, pop, and ballad, which is evident in her song choices in the show. As she sings, she can definitely dominate the stage. Not to mention that despite this achievement, she is still very humble on stage. So much to look forward to with her vocal prowess in the Live Shows.

1. KAT ROBICHAUD (Team Cee Lo)

Kat Robichaud

The Tiger is in the House!

On every episode she is featured in, Kat never fails to surprise me with her performance. Not just that she has a wonderful voice, with all the raspy and gritty texture that adds spice to her performance, she ultimately owns the stage! There is so much character in her performance that she moves in the stage like a professional artist. And since she is the only glam rocker in the group, the way she performs definitely outshines the rest.

She prances around the stage like a beast on six-inch heels. Her ravenous eyes have an intensity that screams. And she has a roaring voice that is every bit as powerful as it is pleasing to the ear. She can definitely win this competition!

How about you? Who are your bets for this season of The Voice? Don’t forget to leave a comment. 🙂